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            about jianbang

            Shandong Jianbang New Material Co., Ltd.

            A global Jianbang, Internationally renowned

            Shandong Jianbang New Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of environmentally-friendly polymer additives. After years of refinement, we offer a wide range of THEIC and titanate products, as well as other environmentally-friendly polymer additives.

            The company is headquartered in Jining New Material Industrial Park, a top 20 chemical industry park with easy access to clients and potential buyers.

            Since its establishment, we have specialized in the development of fine-chemical polymer additives. We are constantly developing new products that take advantage of industry trends and downstream demand to expand our market. In addition to our THEIC and titanate products, the company is simultaneously developing DBM, SBM, and acetylacetone salt series products; in the downstream market, our products are widely used in PVC plastics and coatings. This widespread adoption allows us to improve our main product offerings and capture a greater market.

            As a market leader, we are an established name in the polymer additive industry and are able to leverage our close relationships with large clients, domestic and international, to expand our reach. Our years of experience in the field has made us the authority on THEIC, titanate, DBM, SBM, and acetylacetone salt products. Years of optimization has allowed us to economically produce a high-quality product with superior performance. At the same time, we are constantly innovating to match industry trends and meet downstream demand for new technology, products, and applications.

            Our market presence and history of innovation in the field of fine chemical polymer additives has been recognized by the government and our industry peers. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Federation of Industrial Economics have selected our firm as“The 6th lot Individual Champion of the manufacturing industry”. Other awards and recognitions include recognition in“Sample Enterprises of China Export Leading Indicator”, China Petrol and Chemical Industry Association’s“Preferred Enterprise with Specialization, Refinement, Differential & Innovation”, “Shandong Provincial Mountain Goats”, “Shandong Provincial Individual Champion of Manufacturing Industry”&“Shandong Provincial Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with Specialization, Refinement, Differential & Innovation”. In addition, we served as a board member of the Fourth Standing Committee of the Plastics Additives Professional Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association.



            Enterprise mission: more environmentally-friendly chemicals for a more stable world.

            Honesty sincere treatment; establishment of mutual trust

            Innovation: continual improvement; staying ahead

            Responsibility: dare to be responsible; live to deliver

            Mutual benefit: unflinchingly collaborative; a tide that lifts all boats

            Vision: To be an international renowned enterprise

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